Ed Machoka

Chief Administrator,
Diploma in Laws-MKU, BA-Public &Private Administration-Kisii University,

Ms. Ed Machoka is our Chief office administrator in charge of operations, staffing and day-to day- running of the office.

She holds a continuous experience of over 7yrs in office administration. She is also tasked with the firm networking, implementation of our growth goals and client care.

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Litigations & Disputes
Litigation & Disputes Resolution

We have a team of proficient advocates with proper advocacy skills who handle litigation cases in court and tribunals across the country. Our dispute resolution approach employs the most appropriate tools and strategies for each stage of the process and each unique situation.

Investments Planning & Portfolio Management
Investments Planning & Portfolio Management

In collaboration with experts at Js-(I&F) Consult Limited, San Advocates Kenya engages in investment planning, which includes advising individuals and corporates on key sectorial developments with potential to yield a high return on investment.

Legal Compliance Audits & Consultancies
Legal Compliance Audits & Consultancies

We advise business and corporate entities on the legal regimes affecting business transactions, cross-boarders transactions, penalties and other levies in order to ensure compliance with the legal framework dispensation.

Real Estate, Banks & Finance
Real Estate, Banking & Finance

At San Advocates, we have extensive knowledge and experience in providing excellent services to our clients in a wide range of property transactions.
We are keen on structuring and perfection of security documentation for lending/finance institutions such as charges and debentures, guarantees, indemnities, loan agreements and deeds of assignments.